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Get Expert Advice on Green Pool Water

Why is my pool green? What did I do wrong? Most pool owners deal with this problem at one time or another.

Usually the problem starts by taking water samples down to the local pool store, having someone do a series of tests, handing you a computer printout and then demanding that you buy a bunch of chemicals to get the water in balance. 

Again and again you go back to the local pool store wondering why the hundred bucks you spent on chemicals hasn’t solved your problem. 

Then again you have to buy another hundred bucks in chemicals or there is a problem with your pool equipment and as luck would have it their service tech will be in your area soon. When will you realize it is simpler to trust Affordable Pool & Spa? 

The truth of the matter is a green pool is not a chemical imbalance. If it was, you could recreate the problem in a bucket; meaning a lack of chemicals or an abundance of chemicals would produce the same results in said bucket. 

A green pool nine times out of ten is an algae bloom. This bloom must be addressed before anything else. Algae can grow in perfectly balanced pool water. 

A true pool professional will evaluate the entire situation whether it is the pool environment, the pool equipment, the bather load, the water circulation and/or cross contaminates. 

We at Affordable Pool & Spa will do all of that. We can give you a time frame of when the pool will be back to normal and a bottom line price to get it there. 

If there is a problem with the pool equipment we will explain the problem and more times than not, prove the problem before we suggest a repair. 

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